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The overall success of a modern-day real estate office depends heavily on each agent’s individual growth and accomplishments. That’s why it is so important for each firm to prioritize a better understanding of their agents, while providing an inclusive and flexible work environment that gives them the tools they need to succeed. Realtor Elvin Villalobos provides a few practical tips for making this happen in your own real estate practice.

Lead with Technology and Business

If you are a broker or manager who wants to go above and beyond normal practice, leading with a technology and business-minded approach will allow the type of workplace culture that makes this possible. The first part of this entails increasing your office’s technological capabilities. There are innovative new ways of connecting with and guiding clients through the home buying or selling process that are popping up all the time. The technological advances we see happening at incredible speed make this possible. Be ahead of the curve, and leverage these new technologies to make your office grow.

Get Your Agents’ Input

Next, as you come up with ideas for learning what is best for buyers and sellers, it is important to get the input of your agents. Take an agent-focused approach to your business by holding office roundtables where you can brainstorm new ways to provide extraordinary service to your clients. This is an ongoing and unquestionably necessary process in order to produce better agents that deliver better outcomes.

Prepare Your Agents for Success

In order to produce sales professionals who are self-motivated, have increased determination, and market expertise, office managers and brokers have to provide the necessary tools for them to succeed. As Elvin Villalobos illustrates, just as a General provides his troops with the proper equipment to go into battle, so should you give your team what they need to do their jobs well. Keep in mind that ultimately, successful, well-prepared agents make for happier, more satisfied clients. 

RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos likes to say that, “The real estate business is about people helping people solve their problems, overcome their challenges and get what they want.” Helping your agents solve their problems ultimately helps your clients solve theirs. By focusing on your teams’ happiness and readiness to serve, you can grow your office, and your reputation in your community.

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