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In every house, there is a most used room, and a “dark room.” Both can have a huge impact on the appeal of a home to potential buyers. Let realtor Elvin Villalobos with RE/MAX Interaction Realty give you a look into these rooms and teach you how to bump up the sellability factor of your home using just these two rooms.

The Most Used Room Is…

It should come as no surprise that the most used room in a house is also our favorite – the kitchen! The heart of the home, the kitchen is where you share family meals, cook together, and hangout with friends. According to Elvin Villalobos, it is also a spotlight for “newness.” As he often says, “Take a look around. The kitchen usually contains the latest appliances, and the most modern materials are used for countertops and cabinets. It truly is a designer’s dream laboratory. It is here in the kitchen that you can choose between many colors and styles. For example, one new thing in recent years is the concept of an open kitchen.”

Catching a Buyer’s Eye in the Kitchen

Walking into a home where fresh cookies are being baked, or your favorite childhood dish is on the stove warms your heart and brings an air of nostalgia to the room. When you add this sense of atmosphere to beautiful decorative fixtures, such as the chandelier above your head, or tasteful paintings surrounding the dining and kitchen areas, the whole scene becomes your own “Heaven on Earth.”

It is commonly known that homebuyers scrutinize the kitchen above any other room for the comfort, style, and possibilities it offers. Ensure your kitchen is ready to be sold by making sure it is sparkling clean, with a few special touches will make buyers see they’re getting a bargain for what will be the heart of their home. 

Another Small Touch – Cabinet Fixtures

It may be strange to think about, but one of the key details buyers have their eyes on is cabinet fixtures.  As Elvin Villalobos says, cabinet fixtures are surprisingly, “Small but defining. We use them frequently, but we don’t think about them. We use them hundreds of times every month without even noticing what they look like.” However, to potential buyers, cabinet fixtures make a world of difference. This is just one small investment sellers can make to change the perception of older looking cabinets into ones that buyers love. With so many styles and colors, great options can be found for every taste and budget.

The Dark Room

The dark room is an empty, useless room in a home. It may not seem that scary, but according to realtor-conducted studies, buyers are afraid of rooms that look like they’re just a waste of space. This is especially true when every part of the house is staged and furnished except this room. 

The reason for this is that dark rooms leave buyers uncertain about what to do with the space.  To remedy this problem, sellers should consider staging these rooms. Whether it be office space, a guest bedroom, or home gym, creating a visual and making this space look like “something” can go a long way in convincing buyers your home is the one for them. 

On the other hand, “If you are not intending to furnish this empty space,” says Elvin Villalobos, “ Consider not staging other parts of the home as well.” That way, there is consistency throughout the house, which is more appealing to buyers.

Elvin Villalobos and the RE/MAX Interaction Realty

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, or just need some tips to make your home be irresistible to  buyers, Elvin Villalobos and the team at RE/MAX Interaction Realty can help. Centrally located in Tamarac, FL at 7801 W Commercial Blvd, our agents are proud to serve Broward County, as well as areas of Dade and West Palm Beach. Give us a call, or drop by today.

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